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2017 Information Management Symposium - Summary

Matthew Solo

By Matthew Solo

Project Director

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October 03, 2017

This year Jonah Group was pleased to sponsor the 2017 Information Management Symposium.  The symposium was a gathering of business and IT professionals from the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to discuss trends and innovation in the topics of information management, business intelligence and data analytics.

Reducing the distance between turning insight into action, as summed up by Jeff Cribbs of Gartner describes the road ahead for data analysis in the health insurance industry.  Trends in this year’s discussions were artificial intelligence, curated data visualization and aligning business with technology and government partnerships to source the right data.

Following are highlights from several of the discussions:

Data Visualization Keynote – Audrey Halvorson and Raji Dasari told a story about how adopting Tableau reduced IT costs for generating reports and data visualizations and provided the customer and provider with a 360-degree experience.

Customer Experience Backbone Keynote – Cindy Montgomery and Garrett Anderson put forward a new system architecture that incorporates artificial intelligence into the data analysis process.  They demonstrated how a banner in their online member portal would be displayed based on the persona that the AI would associate to the member.  The banner would provide a link to further information tailored to the member.  He foresees integrating the Customer Experience Backbone and AI with chatbots and other interactive tools.

Member Information: The Big Picture – Brent Leland from BCBSKC talked about the importance of a good member patient index algorithm to reduce operating costs by automatically matching data records and alleviate manual data processing. Marco Weixler from ICW, who partnered with BCBSKC on the project, developed an engine based on a statistical model to automate the matching process.

Medication Reconciliation Provider Data Enablement – Allison Combs and Louis Polite presented the business and technical perspectives of BCBSM’s achievements to integrate with the MiHIN member data feed. MiHIN is a state-wide network for routing health records between interested parties. They have a publish & subscribe model and a security model for dealing with sensitive information. By integrating with the MiHIN network, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will improve its data to offer competitive pharmacy services benefits, wellness and care management intervention benefits, and medical reconciliation programs. We look forward to hearing an update next year on the evolution of the system.

Leveraging Key Indicators to Drive Benefit Decisions - Timothy Donald presented the BCBSNJ configuration of Tableau to help with the sales process and drive the decision process.

Gartner KeynoteJeff Cribbs presented a vision of the future of the healthcare insurance industry. A thought-provoking presentation, Jeff proposed the Health Value Management Organization (HVMO) - a transformation in the industry towards proving improved health value to the customer.  The areas targeted for innovation were artificial intelligence in health IT, a member engagement hub, economics of connection and the Internet of Things like home health monitoring.

The Jonah Group team shared with attendees some of our recent work with Michigan Health Insurance providers.

  • Built for a leading IPA in Michigan, HealthFocus is a web application that allows practitioners to manage patient care, their measures, and provider compliance rates & goals. The application is fully integrated with the host's existing data warehouse.
  • Also built for the data warehouse is a pair of critical processing engines. The first provides a master patient reference with heuristics for cleansing, merging, and matching duplicate and near-duplicate patient data from disparate and volatile external data feeds. The second is a HEDIS measure and conditions engine for calculation of compliance rates across a range of over one hundred different measures and across hundreds of practice offices.

With data analytics and big data being a common theme, Jonah Group’s work with AMD was of interest. We designed, built and implemented a big data system on Hadoop.

The symposium board members did a great job lining up interesting talks, facilitating good networking opportunities and providing fun entertainment. The event was a great success!

Interested in learning more, please contact me or Donghui Li, SVP Solution Delivery, Health Insurance,

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