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Government of Ontario Improves Accessibility and Usability Across the Board

Geoff Palin

By Geoff Palin

Intermediate Technical Developer (Alumnum)

October 19, 2011

In the past you may have noticed some usability and accessibility issues when browsing provincial government websites. Most of the sites were built with the same general layout and design, but the experience and implementation seemed to differ quite a bit from site to site. Well, that's about to change: the government of Ontario has launched a new initiative, which is currently being rolled out to all the ministry websites. It addresses the core issues with respect to user experience and accessibility.

This initiative introduces a modern layout, common page elements that help to establish consistency, and improved and standardized accessibility features that will help to ensure that each site will pass accessibility standards test before going live. Jonah Group recently launched an updated version of the Digital Ontario website that not only meets all of the new requirements but includes an overhaul of some of the back-end and administration functionality as well.

Digital Ontario Ministry of Government Services website - homepage screenshot

We're definitely happy to have been selected to perform this upgrade, and we hope it serves the public well!

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