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MaRS Hyperledger Meetup

Lori Anastacio

By Lori Anastacio

Marketing Manager (Alumnum)

December 06, 2018

Jonah Group attended the Hyperledger Meetup on December 4th at the MaRS Discovery District. Our Andy Yang and Benny Cheung delivered an outstanding presentation on the topic, "Why We Work with Hyperledger, a Blockchain Practical Journey" to a packed room of attendees. The audience was responsive, inquisitive and interactive.

Their presentation was followed by speakers from IBM, HealthChain, and RoadLaunch. Both Jonah Group and RoadLaunch showcased live demo environments with working applications at the meetup. All the speakers were knowledgeable, and they each brought an unique perspective to the discussion.

Many thanks to Mei Burgin and Oshoma Momoh for inviting us and organizing this excellent gathering. We look forward to sharing ideas with the community and learning together in future meetups. Andy and Benny, another home run, great job as usual!

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