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AFS2019 Women in Auto Finance Luncheon

Lori Anastacio

By Lori Anastacio

Marketing Manager (Alumnum)

November 19, 2019

Women in Auto Finance

The second annual AFS2019 Women In Auto Finance Luncheon, held in Las Vegas, was designed to empower like-minded female professionals to advance their career growth –that it did! The packed room offered a wonderful opportunity to network and share success stories.

Special guest speaker Renee Horne (VP, Consumer Lending Experiences, USAA Federal Savings Bank) emphasized just how much grit and perseverance it requires to take charge within the auto finance industry through lessons learned. Renee oversees strategy, planning and execution for a $22 billion portfolio. She shared her engaging and incredible personal story to an audience of captivated women. Renee has made her mark as a top female executive in a male-dominated industry, leading the way for women across America. She also shared current concerns and opportunities facing women today. A true inspiration, Renee continues to motivate women and mentors by leading by example – Way To Go!

Across generations, women are facing unique challenges in the workforce. Although it has been a landmark year for women to break free of old stereotypes and shatter glass ceilings, there is still work to be done. Let’s continue to support one another.

Stay in the game, onward and upward!

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