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Abdikadir Kedie
Project Director

About Abdikadir

The last year of my high school, out of curiosity, I took a computer programming course and I fell in love with programming. Before taking the programming course, I was planning to study biochemistry when I graduated. All of that changed when I took the programming course. My favourite language to work with is Java by far. It's a mature language and has good API and documentation. It also has plenty of online resources. I like technical design challenges that involve collaboration because people see things from different perspectives, and makes the problem-solving process more efficient. Jonah culture is one of my favourite things about working for the company. I love Jonah Day - a paid day to have fun at the beach and socialize with co-workers. Favorite keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Space for auto-complete, for obvious reasons. Most interesting place you've ever traveled to: Egypt. Got to see the pyramids. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Big Smoke Burger.