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Andy Yang
Project Director

About Andy

Andy's passion for software began while leading a wagon train of settlers over the Oregon Trail on his school's brand new Apple II computer. So by "software", he actually means "video games". Andy has used many programming languages, tools and frameworks because he is kind of old. He still finds the Spring framework makes developing production-quality software genuinely easier. Other things that make Developer Andy happy? Python, BeyondCompare and jq. And spreadsheets. Software development is more than just tools: Andy is a fan of the Lessig method for presentations and design sessions where the team is violently agreeing in front of a whiteboard. Andy appreciates working at Jonah because the company is a bunch of technologists who want to do cool things while also being good citizens. He enjoys learning new things - not always about technology as he enjoys learning about new problem/business domains just as much. Andy believes technology needs to be applied judiciously, which requires an understanding of the underlying problem and the bigger picture/context around that problem. He also believes that fear of a Skynet-future is healthy. When he isn't working or referring to himself in the third person, he is listening to music, playing volleyball, or running hockey pools he always finishes second-last in. He used to enjoy cooking and eating out until he had children who resolutely refuse to eat anything. Andy also reads a lot, but seemingly only ever talks about a single book: "Rice, Noodle, Fish" by Matt Goulding. Favourite keyboard shortcut: the Ctrl+K commands in WordStar Most interesting place ever travelled to: Japan. Before he had kids. Favorite go-to lunch spot: after reading “Rice, Noodle, Fish” by Matt Goulding, Andy is perpetually disappointed by food courts.