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Benny Cheung
Senior Technical Architect

About Benny

Ever since I read a book on 3D computer graphics, the fascination of computer programming and visualization are always on my mind. Subsequently, the computer graphics domain has been significantly strengthened by gaming and dedicated GPU architectures. This has led to my continued fascination with GPU programming, game architecture and Virtual Reality development. Computer Graphics and Python are my favourite technology that represents the dynamic data analytics, visualization and rapid prototype ability that I love. With the AI/Machine Learning that is transforming every industry, building on top of my graduated works over the years, I can quickly experiment and prototype with the cutting-edge technologies of Deep Learning. The greatest part of working at Jonah is the management listening to everyone's suggestions and opinions: they take the effort to act on our career needs. My personal passions are computing and philosophy. I find many surprising connections between these 2 fields. My works have been greatly improved by their cross fertilization. Favorite keyboard shortcut: On my Mac, Shift-Control-4. It lets you draw a rectangle to screen capture anything and it helps to keep some quick notes for whatever I read and see. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Japan. It's a very unique place to visit. Their culture, food, and scenery provide endless entertainment. Favourite song to code to: "God wrote in LISP," my favourite song which describes the geekiness of AI programming and criticizing the weakness of other programming languages. Favourite go-to lunch spot: my desk is my favourite lunch spot because I can catch up some news on the web.