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Bruno Vieira
Senior Technical Developer

About Bruno

I strongly believe that web technology has changed the world we live in. My favourite technologies happen to be the ones that I'm currently working with – Java and JavaScript. They are the perfect match for a complex project. Java works very well on an intricate and robust back end. Meanwhile, JavaScript frameworks like Angular make developers' lives much easier when delivering and maintaining front end code. One of the best things about Jonah Group is the company behaviour, it's amazing! Everybody is very kind and friendly. There are also lots of opportunities to improve one's self, like tech talks and presentations in the kitchen. Having access to internal and external training is an added bonus. I'm pretty sure that Toronto is my favourite place that I've ever travelled to. It's incredible how many different people live here, and how everyone is gentle and friendly with each other. The mix between old and modern architecture is also impressively beautiful. It's no wonder I've chosen it to be my new home! Coming to this city was a big step in my personal and professional life. I had always dreamed of gaining foreign work experience. And now that I am at Jonah, I feel like I've found the perfect match for my dreams and ambitions. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Crtl + F. It keeps your life easy when you need to find something in the middle of code or text. Favourite music to code do: I love many kinds of music, but to code I prefer rock and metal (think Metallica and Led Zeppelin). These kinds of melodies keep me awake and focused. Go-to lunch spot: Pokito. It's the best poke bowl in Toronto. I love it!