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Caio Souza
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Caio

I took my first programming class in high school. My teacher taught us how to code through simple coding challenges framed as puzzles to be solved. It was interesting to learn how to write a program that could solve mathematical problems without having to do all the calculations myself. It also gave me sense of accomplishment to be able to solve problems, especially when they were difficult, and it took time to wrap your head around. I liked the idea of always being challenged by problems that could take many forms. It's a rewarding feeling when overcoming problems that led me to want to follow this as a career. Up until recently I haven't had a favourite technology; preferring to keep my mind open to everything. Lately I have strongly enjoyed working on back-end problems, closer to the data, with technologies like Java AWS and C# .Net Core. Currently I am in a place where I want to learn as much as I can about a broad set of topics and technologies. I am excited about challenges that require me to learn more and improve upon what I already know. My favourite part about working for Jonah is the company culture. I always feel like my voice is heard and my opinions and ideas are valued. I felt this way even as a co-op student working with Jonah. I was able to expand my knowledge and experience while being trusted that my work was impactful. Feeling appreciated as such a junior member at Jonah was a feeling that I kept looking for in other jobs and during interviews. It wasn't always easy to find elsewhere. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Alt-tab. It is easily the shortcut I use the most while on a computer. I have personal interest and love to go bouldering and practice archery. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: I once travelled to Malta, and it's a beautiful country. The cliffs near the ocean were massive. There were forts and castles positioned at the tops of cities with far seeing lookouts. The architecture was wonderful, and the history was also interesting to learn about! Favorite song to code to: I don't have a favourite song, but I like to listen to songs with fewer lyrics when coding. I don't lose my train of thought following along to the words as much. Trance and house music have been at the top of my list lately. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Porchetta and Co. on King and Portland. Is there a personal accomplishment you'd like to share? I received a black belt in Aikido. A Japanese martial art that I trained in for over ten years. I started this sport when I was a child. I spent a lot of my free time growing up training and reached that level just before moving away from Toronto for university.