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Catalin Barcau
Technical Architect

About Catalin

I always remember having a passion for computers since I was a kid. I started writing programs on sheets of paper then taking the bus a long way to see a friend that had a computer where I would copy the programs onto his 486. I couldn't finish everything in time, so sometimes I would debug the code by phone. What I like most about working for Jonah is the people I've met here and the fact that our leaders come from a technical background and they encourage the culture of technical knowledge sharing through lunch talks, internal projects, workgroups and trainings. I believe that technology is an unavoidable part of everyday life, but I'm a geek and passionate about it. As long as it's not old technology, I'll work with it. Be it Java, Spring, the ELK stash, Camel, Docker, Vagrant or Jenkins for example. My favourite shortcut is Alt + Tab so I can change my music quickly then get back to work. I like to listen to a YouTube Mix I've made while I code, which is usually a collection of movie soundtracks, Nightwish, and TSFH songs. Outside of work, I'm passionate about learning new things, tinkering with DIY projects, and reading about planes and cars.