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David Levy
Technical Architect

About David

To be honest I'm not sure where my passion for technology comes from, except my early efforts to write code. I was an enthusiast of all things gaming-related - board, tabletop, arcades, early consoles, and computers - but without ever having the slightest interest in the tech behind them; but my older sister twisted my arm to pick up a computer science course in first year university. At the time, I thought I wanted to be a physicist. Around the time I wrote my first recursive function I switched majors. Over the years I've had an ever-evolving set of favorite technologies. Data Warehouse Appliances like IBM's Netezza, Amazon's Redshift, and Microsoft's Synapse have had an enduring place on my list simply because they are legitimate, under-hyped game changers in the analytics field - for the business, architects, and developers alike. My favorite part of working at Jonah is that for the first time in my career every one of my leaders understands "techies" and what drives us. I'm particularly fond of learning new data platforms - databases, Hadoop, data warehouse appliances, NoSQL etc. - and figuring out what design patterns work the best on each. There are often lots of commonalities - for example we are seeing compression, some form of massive parallel processing, and columnar storage coming up on many platforms now - but each also has its own quirks as well, and somehow, I find that entertaining. In my spare time I enjoy military model building - mostly 1/35th scale WW2 armor. It allows me to channel my OCD and compliments one of my other long-standing interests, which is military history. Favorite keyboard shortcut: CTRL-Z. Life saver. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: I haven't been anywhere too interesting, I guess; But I grew up in Jamaica. Growing up in Jamaica was, for the most part, fantastic and it's still my favorite place to travel to. The natural beauty, the food, the relaxed atmosphere, and the Jamaican ability to get the most fun out of every social interaction is why. Barcelona would be my second favorite. They have a lot of the same things going on. Rio De Janeiro would be a close third, and for the same reason. Favorite song to code to: Motivation low / pre-coffee: Sing for the Moment (Eminem), Day to day: Sympathy for the Devil (Stones), Tight Deadline: Fight for Your Right (Beastie Boys) Favorite go-to lunch spot: Anyplace with decent sashimi.