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George Psofimis
Senior HR Manager

About George

As like anyone in recruiting that you speak with I kind of fell into the industry as I was looking for a computer sales/build type of role some 20 years ago. I have always been interested in Tech and interested on "how things work". I feel my education in Psychology in post-secondary certainly helped in this industry, partnering with companies to find the right people and building teams is certainly something I really enjoy. I feel Jonah has a culture that is inviting and takes away the feeling of just being a number, this is very refreshing! I have a passion for working on cars, building projects (construction), and being in the outdoors. I have two young boys that I must keep busy thus keeping me in shape as well to keep up with them. Favorite Vacation spot: Crete Greece An accomplishment I am proud of is that fact that I rewired my home and my brother in-laws from top to bottom, including an electrical, speaker, and CAT5 (all to code )