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Glenn Archer
Glenn manages the Jonah R&D team, infrastructure portfolio, and provides cloud architecture expertise as well being our practice lead for Capital Markets. As a founder, Glenn is most interested in solving problems with the right set of technologies while expanding opportunities for Jonah people to be able to grow.

About Glenn

While growing up I was planning to be a veterinarian until a day in grade 9 when I sat down in front of a Commodore PET and wrote my first program (I think I made my name bounce around the screen). I spent so many hours after school on the library’s computer that my mother had to convince my father to buy an Apple computer so I'd come home before dinner. I spent a lot of time writing programs, getting them published (at the time, people often hand-typed code from magazines into their computers), and teaching kids about programming during summer camp. I also had a science teacher who was very inspiring and encouraging to me to learn and create useful things. As a founder, I like some perks like getting to wear my hoodies some days. My partners and I started the company because we wanted to work with good people, have interesting projects, and solving problems. I think the best part of Jonah is that those ideas and culture have been maintained and grown. Walking through the halls and seeing Jonah people collaborating is very fulfilling to me. The R&D Program that we started last year is personally enjoyable as an antidote to the fact that I’m not as hands-on as I used to be. We’re able to explore new technologies and be creative. I'm interested in architecture of systems and how best to design applications to be maintainable, maximize performance and manage costs. Combining cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure along with virtualization and containers (Docker, Kubernetes) opens up a lot of possibilities for redesigning applications as well as solving new problems that weren't feasible even five years ago. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Command + F - makes the current application full-screen to get rid of distractions Personal passions and/or interests: I seem to have an affinity for fountain pens and notebooks. I spend a lot of time on screens so I enjoy writing and taking notes on paper as it gives more freedom to think and explore. Most interesting place you’ve ever travelled to: Banff. It's been a long time since I’ve been back but it was one of the earliest places my wife and I travelled before we were married. I enthusiastically encouraged / dragged her on trails up and down mountains all over the park. Having grown up mostly in Ontario, I really enjoyed walking out of the hotel and then spend a few hours climbing trails above the tree line and enjoying the fresh air and quiet.