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Hameet Sandhu
Project Manager

About Hameet

I love working at Jonah. Everyone is super approachable and easy to get along with. It doesn't take long to feel like you're just working with friends. Outside of Jonah, I like travelling to new places, and watching or playing soccer and hockey. Traveling to sports events is my favorite way to combine both passions. Seeing new places and experiencing sports live. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V... Ain't nobody got time to type things out! Most interesting place you've ever traveled to: the villages where my parents grew up in. Seeing that part of my family's history gives me a tremendous amount of appreciation for the sacrifices my family made for me. Favourite song to code to: my work playlist consist of all types of music. However, my default genres are R&B and Alternative. Favourite go-to lunch spot: anywhere that includes burritos, can't go wrong with burritos...