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Herlygenes Pinto
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Herlygenes

I worked as a musician for many years and then, in 2006 I started a partnership with a game development company providing soundtracks and sound effects. This was one of the best places I ever worked. I got to know some of the best programmers I ever met. In 2009 having been inspired by this work environment, I went to college to get my System Analysis Bachelor's Degree. Since then, I never stopped studying and learning. Most of my experience is related to web technologies however, if I could choose, I would work with robotics or something else which could allow me to code using C/C++. I love to build things and I'm always engaged in a small side project. Sometimes I build electronic circuits, sometimes I build wooden things. It doesn't matter, as long as I am building something. What I love about Jonah is the people. I found it one of the friendliest work environments I ever participated in. I also enjoy the fact that we get to work on different projects. This way I never get bored and I'm always learning something new. Favorite keyboard shortcut: On Windows: Win + S. On Mac: Command + space. I'd rather use the keyboard for finding things than the mouse! What are your personal passions and/or interests: I love to cook but also, I enjoy playing my instruments occasionally. I worked as a musician for almost 20 years, and I think, being able to successfully change direction in my career was a great achievement. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: A few years ago, I went to Argentina, and I loved the lifestyle in Buenos Aires. Everything seemed to be slower and more musical. Favorite song to code to: I would rather code in silence. Favorite go-to lunch spot: I love to have my lunch in the company of my wife, at home.