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Ilsa Loving
IT Manager

About Ilsa

I've always loved technology, even as a kid. I love understanding how things work. When I was younger, I was interested in biology and was considering becoming a doctor, but pivoted to technology because computers are less gross. My passion also developed from video games, because you could create entirely new realities with a few lines of code. I like working with Automation tools. Humans are designed to analyze and evaluate, but it's hard to do that when you're mired in day-to-day drudgery. By automating mundane day-to-day routine tasks, that frees people up to focus on improving processes instead of just maintaining them. Doing the same thing over and over again bores me tremendously, so as soon as I have to do something more than once or twice, my thoughts immediately turn to "How can I automate this?" Jonah's atmosphere is probably the best I have ever worked in. The Principals have put an incredible amount of effort into creating a positive company culture where people want to excel, and not just to do their jobs because they're paid to. It also shows in the quality of the products we produce. I love day-to-day beauty, and creating/implementing things that provide that. This can span from the gamut of redecorating a room, to implementing a well-designed entertainment system that "just works," to setting up computer kiosks to give people access to internet that they wouldn't otherwise have. There is a lot of beauty in the genuine smile of someone you just helped. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + S, because I have learned that computers will never run out of new and unique ways of hosing your work. Outside of Jonah, I like playing video games, learning guitar, and making the perfect Deviled Eggs. Favourite song to code to: Most forms of Eurodance, Trance, or Electronic, or Classical music. Stuff a stable beat and non-repetitive melody so it keeps me focused but doesn't get boring after a while. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Ganto sushi, because sushi needs no explanation or justification. A personal accomplishment I'd like to share: I once told a pun so bad that the person actually clutched their stomach and bent forward in physical pain.