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Jason Cliff
Senior Technical Developer

About Jason

My favourite technologies to practice are those which most directly interact with the user, such as browser related technologies (e.g. Javascript, CSS and the DOM). More specifically within those mentioned: SVGs, canvas, the Audio API, WebGL, the Web Animation API etc. I'd say that my passion for technology is rather a passion for building things and exploring possibilities. I'm often far more interested in the creative application side of tech. I also enjoy solving all kinds of challenges, from the best way to design a base in Oxygen Not Included, to the best technology to use or architecture to employ. So far, my favourite aspect of working for Jonah is the friendly and co-operative atmosphere. I have worked in many places, but only a precious few have had this level of charm. It's quite refreshing. Beyond Jonah Group, my personal passion tends to be whatever I have decided to concentrate on most recently. Currently that is my children, but in the past it has included: animation, videography, computer graphics, model making, wood working, Lego, computers, costumes, puppets, kites, reading etc. I also have my eye on a 3D printer at the moment. My favourite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z (or whatever undo is in the particular app). The reason is simple: experimentation and failure are the most important learning tools we have. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: Vancouver Island. I had some really awesome family out there, plus: driftwood rafting, climbing, live crab hunting, skin-diving, canoeing etc. Favourite go-to lunch spot: at home, sitting on the floor with my kids watching one of our many fun and educational shows e.g. Z frank's true facts or extra history. Notable accomplishment: I'd say still being here, building things, after working through tech bubble bursts, market crashes, browser wars, and the stagnation of front end technology for a decade, is quite an accomplishment. But for technical accomplishments I would point to at the CBC as a true highlight. I did all the technical and design work, including live video and audio streaming at major events like the GGs and Juno Awards. For a more targeted example - moving a highly interactive control form HTML to canvas and gaining orders of magnitude in performance was pretty cool.