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Marc Riehm
Senior Technical Architect
Marc has been practicing in software development for thirty years, undertaking a variety of roles, from programming, analysis and design, and architecture, through project management. He excels at project leadership, bringing out the best in others and fostering environments of cooperative productivity. Marc's integrity, experience, and communication skills cultivate strong trust with both customers and teammates.

About Marc

I have always loved the analytical side of computer science. It steers you to plunge into various domains in order to develop working models that solve real-world problems. Learning about other people's spheres is one of the great aspects of application software development. Over the years I've worked in banking, capital markets, geomatics, healthcare, and insurance, among other fields. They've all been fascinating! The most fulfilling role for me on a project is one of leadership. I know how to bring out the best in others - I've learned over the years to step back and let other people shine! You can't beat the sense of mutual accomplishment that you get when your team pushes code to prod. I've been at Jonah Group for fourteen years now. Jonah Group is the reincarnation of an earlier company, the Mountain Lake Software Company. Jonah really groks software development, knowing how to approach projects from the technical, analytical, and human perspectives. Customer focus is everything! Outside of work, I've been letting loose on a motorcycle over the past few years. I love hopping on my bike for a day's touring or for longer camping excursions. I usually cruise to the sounds of classic rock and the British Invasion.