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Matthew Shubat
Technical Developer

About Matthew

I've always been naturally drawn to technology. It is definitely one of my innate interests. Any piece of tech in a movie or in the world that I saw I was enamoured with. I remember when I first saw a palm pilot, it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I liked that technology could seemingly enhance your capabilities. I took my first programming course in high-school, and I was amazed when I saw how things could be automated and sped up. I was also really interested in the structured way of thinking that was required to program a computer. Recently I have enjoyed working with Typescript. It makes it easier to build web applications by helping avoid some of the common pitfalls of JavaScript. It provides a good balance of flexibility and stability. I've also really enjoyed working with Python and Flutter in the past. For me it just depends on what I'm working on and what technology makes the most sense to accomplish the task. My favourite part about Jonah is the people. There are tons of smart and kind people that I have worked with here. Everyone is really open to sharing information and collaborating to create the best possible solution. I really like working on problems that require a mix of background knowledge and fluid thinking skills. I find problems most interesting when it requires you to apply what you know in a novel way to reach a solution. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + arrow keys to skip words. I like learning about biology and health, both at an academic and practical level. I also like training and being active: running, biking, volleyball, squash, soccer are all things I enjoy. I have also been learning to play the piano. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: I really enjoyed going to Zion National Park in Utah. I went with a friend, and we climbed up to Angels Landing. The endorphins of climbing up combined with the view made for a pretty incredible combination. Favourite song to code to: It depends on what I'm working on, but generally I like electronic or ambient music to code to. Either that or silence. Sometimes I'll also just listen to the same song on repeat, so there are no surprises, and I can establish a rhythm. Favourite go-to lunch spot: I like the nook cafe next door. It is quick and convenient and has some reasonably healthy options. Also, the salad club is pretty great.