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Peter Jones
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Peter

I've always had an interest in most everything Tech. I love to figure out how things work. Collaborating with others as it is always exciting to see how others approach problem solving. I work with front-end technologies mostly (i.e., HTML, CSS, JavaScript) so my favourite new technologies are ReactJS/NextJS and CSS modules. One of my accomplishments was that I single handedly re-skinned a company's massive web site - a project involving five languages which took several months to complete. When I'm not learning some new bit of tech, I have been known to play video games. My favourite part of working for Jonah is meeting all the people and working on a variety of projects. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Command/Control Z & Command/Control S - remove something that didn't work, save and try again. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: A couple of years ago I took the Canadian (VIA rail) from Toronto to Vancouver and back. It was a relaxing trip full of beautiful scenery and I met a lot of interesting people. Favourite song to code to: I don't usually code to music. I prefer to listen to podcasts or the CBC. Favourite go-to lunch spot: It's been so long since we've been able to eat out, I can't say I have a favourite spot right now.