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Przemyslaw Jankowski
Technical Architect

About Przemyslaw

I was about 9 years old when personal computers started to appear around me (few ZX Spectrums at school, Amstrads in a Community Centre, first PCs in my parents' offices). A year or two later, while my friends started playing games on something like Commodore 64 I started learning DOS on my Dad's PC at home and writing simple programs in Basic or Pascal. I've always been intrigued with the details about how these computers work and how to make them do what I want. One of my favourite technologies to work with is Delphi. It's a niche product these days, but it's still alive and providing super-fast development tools for building native (machine code, for many platforms) applications. I also like using C# (.NET). Many initial C# language features were borrowed from Delphi, so it's like Object Pascal married with C++. Of course, it's evolved since then, but those are the origins. Lastly, I like JavaScript because of the flexibility it provides, and the prevalence. Jonah's a great place to work. It's a relatively big company but with a great culture and environment. You don't feel overwhelmed by the structure or the management. You can easily talk to anybody, regardless of the position. People respect and learn from each other. I'm passionate about new technology, there never seems to be enough time to keep track of everything that's going on in the industry. That, and travelling. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Alt+Tab because I'm always switching between apps. I'd go crazy if I had to use a mouse for that. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: I couldn't choose just one. I've been to most parts of Europe, Asia, Western Canada, and some of the US. Almost every place you visit has its advantages. I think that's what travelling is about - experiencing it all. There's still plenty left for me to see! Favourite song to code to: Basically anything, but preferably without words because listening to "song words" would distract me from reading & writing "code words".