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Prasanna Kugananthan
Senior Technical Developer

About Prasanna

At University I fell in love with digital design when I was tasked to create party flyers for various club events. I quickly learned Photoshop in my spare time. I wanted become increase the creativity and professionalism of my flyer designs. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in the whole Adobe application landscape. My passion was born and grew over the years. I subsequently entered a Graphic Design program where I then developed a new passion for web design and coding. Here I am today, doing what I love. It all came from the spark of creativity I had 22 years ago. I love to work with Figma, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator; they are my favourite tools to design websites, apps and portals. I love the pixel level control, the tools and plugins to keep me creative. At the end of the day, it helps front-end coders like myself faithfully recreate the design in code. I also enjoy working with Visual Studio Code, it is my go-to code editor. As the Senior UI/UX programmer at Jonah, I love the creative freedom I have with many of the projects. I also enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on, whether it's a healthcare client, a financial client or an artsy-type client like. I also enjoy working with the people at Jonah, they are all very fun, polite and intelligent folks. I enjoy challenges, for example - when a client proposes several requirements and constraints for a product yet wants to see a compelling and exciting design. I equate it to working in a box but thinking "outside the box". My recent hobby has been collecting colognes; specifically, men's fragrances. At the moment I have about 50 fragrances. I love fragrances! Favourite keyboard shortcut: I'm a Mac person so: Cmd/+ Cmd/- I love zooming in and out to align things just right. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: The tropical island of Sri Lanka, it's my homeland. I usually go there during the New Year's to celebrate. We can't celebrate on the beach during that time in Canada, right?! Favourite song to code to: I enjoy different genres of music I have may playlists, but it's usually Trance, House or something from the 80's. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Home, don't go out to eat much. Yay for UberEATS!