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Priscila Tchorbadjian
Senior Technical Developer

About Priscila

I've always been drawn to computers, even as a kid. I grew up in the nineties where having a personal computer was just starting to happen. I was always played games and chatted with friends. My interest in programming didn't come until much later. I wrote some basic HTML websites in high school and spent most of the time making graphics on photoshop. My original plan was to major in music, but I didn't have a career plan for it. My mom pointed out that besides music, computers was where I spent most of my time on! This was "pre-social media and smart phones", when being on the computer most of the time wasn't common - my mother had a good point! Originally, I had an interest in graphic design. Since I enjoyed manipulating pictures, the plan was to major in graphic design and minor in computer science. After taking a couple of computer science classes, I knew computer science was the right path for me! I fell in love with programming and couldn't imagine doing anything else! I've been working with C# and .NET technologies for most of my career. Lately I've been involved in an Angular project, I enjoy that a lot! I also enjoy doing full stack work because I like working with all the different parts of the code, and full stack is perfect for that! From writing a query to get some data, to writing an api that returns that data, to then displaying that data in the UI. It is very satisfying to stitch all those parts together! What I like most about working at Jonah, is ALL the cool people I get to work with! Everyone is super nice, and I enjoy all the lunch groups, like the Salad Club, there is even a group of Brazilians that have lunch together! I also appreciate the freedom to work with different technologies and projects. Outside of Jonah I enjoy working out, weights specifically! I also like being involved in the community and organizing things to make the city a better place. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D on Visual Studio. It makes my code pretty! I don't have to worry about manually formatting it. Favorite song to code to: Anything Carly Rae Jepsen! I like upbeat songs when I'm coding, and she just have such a good energy!