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Ruth Chen
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Ruth

In high school I was better at mathematics than language, so I never had a second thought about what my career path would be. It was obvious that I'd learn technology! My family has always supported my technical pursuits, and now it's the trend for my son: I'm encouraging him to pursue a career in the STEM fields. BI development is my favourite, and it's what I'm working on now. I like to use tools so that I get things done quickly and easily. I also enjoy automating and streamlining processes. It's fun to explore new trends and methods in technology. In terms of problem solving, I try to dig deep and discover the root cause of an issue, then find the proper solution. I like the fact that on my current project I get to do the kind OF work that I love, and I can get help whenever I need it. The concrete things I like about Jonah are the historic building and our fancy coffee machine. Culturally, our company treats employees very nicely. Our HR team is quite efficient as well! Outside of work, I like to listen to music. Sometimes I listen to a piece of music again and again until it stays in my mind for several days. However, I cannot code and listen to a song. If I do programming, I use my full attention, and if I like a song, I'd also use my full attention to listen! Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Z, undo. I’ve use it often and find it very handy. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Many places - Nook, Thai Express, Mr. Greek