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Saba Saba
Senior Technical Developer

About Saba

My favourite programming language is currently Haskell due to its strong typing and its expressivity. It has helped me grow immensely as a software developer, and helped me improve my skills in other languages, especially Javascript. For instance, I have used Haskell to implement complex algorithms that I later transcribed into Javascript. Since Haskell's type system catches almost every possible bug at compile time, my Javascript implementation is almost guaranteed to be correct. My passion for technology came from messing around on the family computer as a child. I was interested in figuring out how programs were made, so I borrowed 'Beginning Programming for Dummies with QBASIC' from my school's library. After a year of QBASIC programming, I moved onto Visual Basic .NET, then C# and Java, and finally C/C++ before I got into university. The best challenges are ones that are ultimately solved with an elegant and reusable solution. If I can apply what I've learned from solving this challenge to other problems, then I've improved my productivity and effectiveness in the long run. There are plenty of reasons why I love Jonah, such as awesome social events, flexible work hours, and a flat hierarchy. My favourite aspect however, is the wealth of knowledge within the company and the willingness to spread it around, both formally and informally. Every Wednesday, I join a group of co-workers in our weekly pilgrimage to Wilbur, a nearby Mexican restaurant with a nice salsa selection. I love experimenting with the salsas, which range from pico de gallo to ghost pepper. In my spare time, I've recently learned how to play by ear on the piano and map out the chords of a few songs. I did this by studying various scales and modes and improvising on them until I could recognize them by ear. This has opened me up to learning a lot more songs which I can play for the Jonah Band.