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Scott McIntosh
Senior Technical Architect

About Scott

It was 10th grade math class is where I was introduced to my first gateway drug -- coding in BASIC and assembler. The idea of manipulating a machine to perform work was a fascinating idea. My earliest PC software projects as a teenager involved Roland and Yamaha synthesizers, and the development of low level communications layers, and voice editors. This was the hook for me initially -- building software for musicians and sound designers. From my earliest experiences with software development, my favourite technologies grew quickly to be those capable of processing massive amounts of data. This power would usually reside within back-end Relational or Object database products. High level languages provide the power to accomplish much with small amounts of code. On the front-end, for many years, my favourite has been FileMaker Pro, and for the similar reasons -- a very powerful and productive development tool for small projects. Along the way, database performance issues have always been a big attraction. The inner workings of a black box -- any vendor's RDBMS, seldom boring. The advances over the years have introduced sophisticated features, yet also offer even greater challenges in server and database tuning and optimization. Jonah Group has always managed to secure interesting and challenging projects in business sectors that have some of the toughest problems to solve. The caliber and quality of people I work alongside make the work all that much better. Some of my longest standing technical colleagues have also become long term friends.