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Tina Mota
Senior HR Manager
Tina leads our Human Resources team. She is dedicated to building strong business relationships and providing quality customer service to both internal and external clients. At Jonah, she has become a trusted resource to all of our team members with her ability to deal with people throughout the organization. Jonah might be a bunch of cool cats, but they still need herding.

About Tina

My initial post-secondary education was in accounting, and that all made good sense, but I quickly realized that it was not the career for me. I found HR while reading through other course options at school, and never looked back. I love that dealing with people is never the same twice, and totally the opposite of math where 2 + 2 always equals 4. What I value about Jonah culture is the actual care that the Founders and Directors put into their projects and people. I've worked in a number of companies and varied industries over the past 20 years, but have never seen a team that truly “walks the walk” the way they do here. In my spare time… um, can't remember when I had much of that, but my son is really into animals these days, so I guess frequenting zoos, watching movies with animals in them, and looking for new books/toys/clothes with animal themes is something that we both enjoy. Naps are also a fun pastime (not at work, of course, that's frowned upon by hr)! Favourite lunch spot by the office: Basil Box Favourite vacation spot: Hawaii -- absolutely breathtaking in countless ways, and it's the only place in the world that I have ever felt spiritual. An accomplishment I am proud of: getting 85 likes, once...