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Vlad Stepanyuk
Senior Technical Developer

About Vlad

My interest in computers started as soon as I first saw them. I gained my first hands-on experience when I was in grade 9. I tried to work on computers as much as I could (doing extracurricular activities, helping in the lab, etc.). Unfortunately, I did not have a personal computer at that time and my family could not afford one. I spent most of my spare time at school. By graduation, I had no doubts what I would study after - of course, it would only be Computer Science! I like working with web services. Nowadays, there are plenty of suppliers and consumers of various data. Web services is the most popular and convenient way to handle it. They provide wide accessibility and flexibility, and it can be used everywhere. I had a chance to work on a brand-new product when we created the application from "scratch". I worked on the implementation of a Risk Engine. In order to calculate risks the client initially used a MS Excel file. It had tons of actuarial data that was around 100MB in size and had 1000s scenarios. While implementation we had to analyze the existing model and dived in the calculations deep enough to identify tens of errors. Since there were a hundred thousand operations to provide a recommendation, it originally took more than a minute to provide the output. After several performance improvements of the engine, it now produced a recommendation within 1.5s. It was a rewarding accomplishment for me to work on. I like doing new things even if I have never done it before regardless it is in the office or home projects. I always enjoy seeing something broken or "empty", and making it come "alive". I like to go fishing and camping. That is when I can rest in silence and peace in order to enjoy the beauty of nature. It also allows me to think about what has happened or going on around me. What I love most about working at Jonah is the informal atmosphere where relationships are built on trust, and people mostly do things not because they must do them but because they want to do them. I like that you can be heard here, and you can get help when you need it. That is a team play. I am also pleased to work with technology geeks. Favorite keyboard shortcut: My favorite shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Del. Data must be secure :) Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: I haven't travelled much, but I have visited few places. One of them is Niagara Falls. A must-see in Canada! I love to look at the tons of water rushing down, makes me think about the enormous hidden power of nature and the weakness of people despite their achievements (technologies, machines, etc.). Favorite song to code to: I prefer to code in silence since it helps to concentrate on what I'm doing. Favorite go-to lunch spot: I prefer homemade food.