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Owen Huan
Senior Technical Developer

About Owen

Becoming a software engineering was my dream. When dream and real life come to be one in the same, it's the best feeling. My first major was electronic engineering, but then after my first year of university, I changed into software engineering, and the rest is history! I enjoy working most with Java -- there's always something new and interesting to learn from it. Now, working at Jonah feels more like a family than a work place. Outside of Jonah, I like to read and sleep! Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V, saves a lot of time. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Newfoundland in the Winter time. First thing in the morning, if you look outside and it's snowing, turn on the radio and they usually say, 'Snow Day! No School today!' and then you go back to sleep. Favourite song to code to: any heavy metal music is good for coding, it's filled with passion. Favourite go-to lunch spot: if lunch is a roti, I'm usually in.